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    Hong Kong was the first city, which Strelka students visited for their research Field Trip.
    As a result of their activities, they had to propose a prototypes of an apps for the mobile device, helping to "read" the city.

    Here's what the brief of the workshop says:

    How to read the city? A challenge for all today, no matter are you a tourist, designer or statesman. The Urban Narrative Workshop finds interests through immersion: deploy a game-like random sampling methodology in order to locate and enter the city from multiple points. One then becomes an active player- walk the streets, indulge others, observe, and co-generate first-hand storyline vis-a-vis the city actors and angels.

    The storyline is to be decoded and translated into a mobile App for tourist use - be it a map, a game, a guide, a search engine, a lucky draw or else. It is through this workshop that we explore and bridge the gap between knowledge and experience of a place. Intended not only to introduce workshop participants to current architectural, urban and cultural conditions of a compact city like Hong Kong, but also to develop several interactive design strategies with thought, analysis, research and design, to question and address the nature and being of time-space.

    Each group of workshop participants shall present a conceptual proposal of a mobile App. Whether drawing, model, photography, video or a performance is made, it should be understood as a representation of parallel worlds, of both the virtual and the city.