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    Continuing the exploration of Asian cities by Strelka students, the city of Shanghai was chosen as the destination for the third Strelka field trip. A hub for both high-end and low-end globalisation, Shanghai is also unique in its 'microcity' features, where a host of independent agencies are changing its creative identity.

    Considering that Asian cities are no longer 'Asian', and modernity no longer 'modern', how does Shanghai view itself? We are going to look beneath the surface of the Asian megacity to see the changing face of Shanghai. This new evolution of the city is struggling alongside a China that is still not developing sustainably. However, as Chinese people are viewing themselves more of citizens and less as subjects, they are relying less on the government to get things done, and self-run, grassroots and community initiatives are in abundance.

    Furthermore, despite a high degree of state control, and state-led initiatives, there seems to be a creative renaissance in China, with numerous forms of private and grassroots initiatives, particularly in information technology and media. By also observing how globalisation actually operates on the ground, more complex geographies of global integration might also be revealed, to show the real social logic of the global city in the 21st century.

    Each day of the field trip is focused on a particular topic relating to these themes, and we will be visiting sites, individuals, and agencies who are involved in Shanghai's transformation, from architecture and design practices, to subcultures that flourish beneath the surface of the city,

    Each topic has its own page that contains not only general information on the day's activities, but also aggregates in real time, our social network activity. Follow us as we walk around and post our observations, and give us feedback and recommendations on the go as well. At the end of the field trip, we will deliver reports on the day's activities and topics, to be published on their respective pages.

    You're listening to the music from the hotel in which the group was living. As this song automatically turned on every time one entered the room, it will always remind us of the Shanghai trip.